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Back to my lil bro's birthday, I went with this Giordano cropped-tee with green tank top inside and matched it with neon-orange short that I got from Gaudi for my look. And oh, do you notice the shoes? Yeah! I just posted the same one last two days. I have fallen in love with these flat shoes because it is nice and comfort to be put on, it also does not hurt our feet even we put it on for whole day.
Giordano cropped-tee | Giordano green tank top | Chanel sunglasses | Gaudi neon-orange short | Bellagio flat shoes
 The silver fox bracelet that I just got it last two days. It's cool, isn't it?
 And the gold fox necklace that I just got it yesterday. Oh my gosh! I do love it. It is just not in the same color with the bracelet. Hmm.. I can't find them in the same color. Just let it be (Hehe..)
What do you think about my look?

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Three days to go for New Year 2013!!!

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  1. cute shorts and shoes!and those lovely looks!:)