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Hey guys! It's been so long since the last time I did post on my blog. What's up? Well, to be frankly, I should have done this post last two weeks but, my schedules were like crazy. I have to teach my students dancing for their Graduation on this coming June and I also need to rush for my thesis since my Convocation Day is also coming up on this May. Yeah! So, pretty much, can be concluded that I kept postponing in posting on my blog.
Turning to my today's post story, we left to Bireun, Aceh last two weeks around 10 p.m. The trip took 8 hours from Medan to Bireun. Can you imagine how tired that is. Beside, we went there by car. One thing that I hate the most when go for a long trip by car is I can't ever sleep well. If I did not sleep well, there would be a black circle around my eyes like what people always say in common "Panda's eyes" and that was what happening to me. Arrived there, headed to pray for my great great Grandma then, continued to Takengon which took another 4 hours to arrive there. 
Guess what? The weather in Takengon that time was badly hot and I was not even interested in having shoot anymore. It is also because of the effect of my sleepiness. But, however, I forced myself to have some pictures of mine and here are some results of my tiring face pictures.
 Spiked and skull bracelet in gold.
 Ended up with a laugh out loud because of the failure in taking pictures with jumping poses.
 Forget to mention that I added Chanel sunglasses in black and Giordano jacket in red for my outfit.
Hey! It's 1 a.m. That's all for today and gotta hit my bed now. It's Monday anyway. Have a great Monday guys! XOXO

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