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Are you ready for my story readers? Before you go to my story, you can take a deep breath and blow it out. LOL! Okay, I'm just kidding, don't take it too serious. But, pretty sure, I'm going to be very talkative for today's post, however, this is something memorable in my life time. First of all, let me begin this story with: CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US! We are finally graduated after passing the bitter sweet times during these three and half years. We have finally got our bachelor degrees but, what will it mean in having the bachelor degree? For me, I know it means that I'm willing to put time and effort into bettering myself, because by bettering myself, I improve conditions for others, and by improving conditions for others, I improve conditions for the world.
Started from August 2009, when we were obliged to join the placement test before officially entering the first day of college, I still remembered that I was the only one that came from the different senior high school because I saw there were lots of students (freshmen), they came with their friends and formed into groups. Going to the 5th floor, the hall, where we had our placement test, I didn't know that there was list of our seat numbers which was posted next to the lift. So, I just  sat on one seat randomly. When the placement test was in process, everything was fine until somebody, a boy came to me and said: "Sorry, I think this is my seat." What a shamed that I sat on somebody's seat. Then, I was just like: "Oh, sorry.", standing up and moved to the other empty seat, randomly as well. How stupid I was! 
Moved to the Orientation days which were held on 28-29th August 2009, and, the day before the orientation, we were announced to come for the briefing. We were guided and informed for the dress code, times, and all things that we should bring along with us during the orientation. The first day of the orientation, it was still fine since we have to arrive around 7 or 7.30 (I'm not sure). And yeah, this is called ORIENTATION. We had to go to the 5th floor by using stairs not the lift. The two lifts were blocked by the BEM members. It's okay to go upstairs by using stairs but, the thing that is not okay that we went to the 5th floor with two big bottles of mineral water. Aahhh.. Can you imagine how heavy they were? Arriving the 5th floor, we were formed into groups. As I remembered, there were twenty some groups. You know what? I was in the same group with the boy that his seat was occupied by me. And at last, I knew that his name is Prana. There was nothing special on the first day. It was just an introduction to our college and our lecturers. 
Continue to the second day, which was held in Pantai Cermin. It was a depression, we have to arrive in our college at 6 o'clock. The sun was still sleeping though. It was a super tiring day. After arriving there, we were asked to do a warming-up before leaving. It was fun because of the funny movements. Then, we left to Pantai Cermin around 9. Arriving there, we were asked to form a line for our own group. After that, we were asked to create a unique name for our own group and illustrated the group's name in front of the other groups by taking turns. If the illustration was not good enough or the group's members were not spiritful enough in illustrating the group's name, there would be a punishment. Some of the groups, they illustrated their group's name into song and our group, we illustrated our group name's into something kinda quote. If I am not mistaken, our group's name was BlackJack. Luckily, we didn't got any punishment because we were too spiritful in illustrating our group's name (LOL). And, yeah, one thing I forget to mention here is our group was a group that consisted with the least number of members. There were only nine members in our group while others, they had more than ten members in their group. So, it can be concluded that I was kinda proud of my group. Although there were only nine members, we could at least perform better than other group that had more than ten members. HAHA! We had lots of fun there. We played any kind of games, we fighted, we shouted, we laughed together, and we finally made friends with each other.
Headed to September 2009, the first day of our college which was started at 5 in the evening. I was late because of joining bus. Arrived there, went to the 4th floor for taking books and met Prana again. I just knew that he was my classmate. Done with taking books, walked around the 4th floor to look for my class. Checked the announcement board then, finally got my class which was London that located on 3th floor and consisted of 27 students. Went down to the 3rd floor and Omg! The lecturer had entered the class. I was so embarrassed. Stood in front of the class without chair. Luckily, the lecturer, Ms. Erina, was kind. She asked one student of my class to find me one chair from another class. Not long after that, She asked us to introduce ourselves to each other. It was fun on the first day of my class. Long story short, as the time passed by, we were getting closer by the assignments, projects, and every finals. Unfortunately, I had to move to morning class after spending a year and four months in London. Moved to Aberdeen Class, started from the 5th semester with new friends and new classroom. The atmosphere of having college in the morning and in the afternoon was totally different. In the afternoon, IT&B was fulled of cars in parking area and students in every corridors. While in the morning, there was no different between entering the classroom and going out from the classroom. But, no matter what, it's always good to make new friends. We can learn a lot, know more, and experience more. 
At last, entering the 9th semester, the time in which we started busy with our skripsi. Depression, stressful, lack of sleep were all that happened to me in doing my skripsi. I ever once gave up and wanna asked somebody to do the skripsi for me. But, it was too expensive. So, I was discouraged and decided to continue doing the skripsi by myself. I would like to thank God for his almighty that I could finish my skripsi and got a satsfying score. And not forgetting my advisor, Ms. Erina, who always supported me, also thanks a lot to both of my examiners, Mr. Susanto and Mr. Hengky Kosasih, who had given a lot of inputs in completing my skripsi
Last but not least, yesterday, on 18th May 2013, I was officially graduated with kumlot graduated and obtained my bachelor degree. Thanks a lot for all the lectures from the lecturers, my parents who always supported me, and my friends. Love you all! Let us now hope our new life for a brighter future and chance in achieving our dreams! That's where our journey has to start: right with the person you see in the mirror. The person you have to live with every day. Without your belief in yourself, you'll never know how far you can get. Have you ever encouraged a friend to go after their dreams, and were frustrated with them when they had so many self-doubts? Well, we can't let ourselves have those same self-doubts either. That's what the bachelor degree represents: the fruition of our belief in ourselves.
 Congratulations to Rita, in achieving the best student award of Management Study Program with the GPA 3.98.
Will be missing you guys a lot London-ers and Aberdeen-ers! We had such a great time together. We shared our laugh, knowledge, happiness, and craziness during these three and half years. If there's a chance, we will meet someday again, soon!
Okay! I think my post for today is pretty much like this. You don't have to read the whole. I just wanna share every moments that I went through. If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to leave any comments down there. It's almost 1:30 a.m. now. Once again, congratulations to all of us! Gonna hit my bed now. It's Monday! Good night, sleep tight, have a sweet dream, and Good Luck.

Your Adventure
Now that you've graduated,
Your adventure has begun.
Your schooling has prepared you
For the race life has you run.
We praise you for your efforts,
And send good wishes, too,
For a future filled with happiness,
And your fondest dreams come true.

Wishing, Hoping, Knowing
Graduation is a time for wishes...
"I wish I knew what to do next!"
Graduation is a time for hopes...
"I hope can do what I hope to do!"
Graduation is a time for knowing...
"I know I’m nervous!"
Whatever you do or don’t do,
you’ll still have the love
of family and friends.
We wish you the best.
We hope you fulfill all your dreams.
We know you will do well
because you have
so many good qualities to work with!
Congratulations Graduate!
By Joanna Fuchs

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