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holla readers!!!
what's up?! it's been a long time I didn't update to my blog since I've been busy in doing assignments, projects, exams and preparing what might be needed for my students' performance on their graduation day of June later. all of those tasks bring such depression to me. so yeah! back to what I'm gonna share about. just done my final exams yesterday and it's like heaven. I've been free for those freaking thick books. I did not even sleep enough for only to wake up and study early in the morning. but, freedom has come to mama! hahahhahaha.. you will feel like WOW! if you are free from studying and free from final exams. I'm sure there's nobody who like studying and having exams. even if there is, it should be around 2% or 3% out of 100% LOL!

back to today's activities, no class in the morning of course. went to work as usual, did practicing for my NB students' performance. such a tiring! because I keep repeating for one movement and keep yelling towards my students as well since there were some of them did not really pay attention and were not serious. really hope that they will dance nicely on the stage later because I put so much efforts only for this performance. hey! it's 00.00. it's time to take a nap. good night there...

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