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hollaaaa loves...

went to Trattoria on last Saturday with mom, sisters, and mom's friend for lunch after having facial. it's the first time for me in visiting this Italian restaurant. I can not describe how much I am so in love with the interior of the restaurant. I love the restaurant to the core. every corner of the design, OMG! it's just like a dream for me. beside, I am also so in love with Italy. the floor tile, the lamps, the tables, the entrance door, the wooden-windows, the bricks-wall, oh my goodness, I felt like I was visiting Italy that time. it's just like we were back to the Kingdom period. and the menus (the pizza and the pasta), it has its own typical smell and taste which is Italian-tasted but, there is no chili-sauce. because I got used to eat spicy so, I did not really get the satisfaction in consuming the pasta that day. hhmmm... how I wish I could really visit Italy someday.

that's all readers for my story today, need to hit my bed now. goodnight loves! *bearhug*

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