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hello loves...
today is the last day of school. students were having fun and relaxed. taking picture, playing, giving gifts are all what we did inside the class. I will miss my students after this because I might not meet them anymore for the next term. but, still I got their pictures so, at least I have memories about them. 'No Pictures, No Memories' yeah! that is what most of people are doing nowadays. click, click and click wherever they go and wherever they are. I really hope my students learn something after this, improving themselves in manners. although I handle this class alone, together with my 6 students, I handle them happily. they are just like 6 little angels around me. they are cute, smart, good both in manners and lessons.but, on this last day of school, one of my student, Jason, he was unluckily sick and he was not able to come. I can not describe how much I will miss them. so, here are some of the pictures to fill up my post.

 the most beloved one, Cedric Wirawan

 love these pictures, he was able to act such that cute with every poses that I taught

 so natural...

 he is the way too cute

OMG! really looked-like a little angel

That's all for my today's post. hey! it's almost 00.00. need to hit my bed now. byeeeee~ *hugs*

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