by - 10:08 PM

 Holla guys! Move to the third day of my holiday in Ipoh. As I can say, it was such a gloomy day, heavy rain poured early in the morning but, thanks God! The rain stopped when it was time for me and my sister to take (outfit) pictures. WOOHOO!!! Yep so, I just wore simple for the third day because we were going to the "Lost World" theme park which is located just right in front of our hotel and plus that was the last day in Ipoh. Nothing much to describe beside fun, fun, and fun! The next post of mine will tell you how much fun we had.
Okay! Hereby is the details of my outfit which are Body and Soul top in neon green, Body and Soul inner in pink, floral short and GSHXD skull hat in white which I got from my Mom (Taiwan). For the accessories, I just added with floral bracelet and floral necklace which is pretty much related with my short.

So guys, let me know what you think by leaving comments down below. I would love it so so much. Thanks for stopping by to anyone of you and bye..

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