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Hello, holla, annyong readers!!!
I finally have spare time today since I have started working as a Personnel Admin in an office. To be frankly, working as an office staff is not as easy as a teacher. There are lots of tasks and duties waiting for you to be finished. But, however, it gives me a different experience, more chances to socialize with people outside there, and to face (solve) any problems. There are lots of story to share with you guys with my new working experience but, I am not here today for that. I am here to share a bit story and tons of pictures ooppsss! just seventy some actually out of hundreds LOL! 
Okay so, I was off to Ipoh and KL in the beginning of July for 5 days with my family. It was so much fun though it was a short trip only (can be said). We indeed treasured lots of places even tasted some kind of yummy foods in Ipoh. Below will be my pictures to fill up my blog story for today. I think the pictures will describe more than enough. Enjoy and bye~

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