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Born as a girl, I enjoy and feel so thankful. But, it kinda hard too being a girl. As you know, we as girls commonly are so fastidious especially when it comes to outfit. The previous two days, when I opened my wardrobe, I got confused in a while what to wear. And finally, I went with my sweater that I bought three years ago from Kuala Lumpur in peach and short with a little bit touch of floral. I actually was told to wear this outfit by my mom and was inspired too by an actress in a Korean Drama. Not forget to mention, I coincidencely have floral necklace so, it was a  perfect match. Is there anyone of you get dress by inspiration of actresses in Korean Drama?

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  1. I`m wearing an eyelet top in my latest post too! hehe you look lovely xo

    new travel photo diary up my blog!
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  2. beautiful look! your top is absolutely stunning! you look amazing :)