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Finally here I am with my new post in the mid of 2014. So, it is exactly like a comeback post after a couple of crazy and tough months that I have been through. To make it clear why I am not here and there is no post at all for such a long time, it is because I was asked to teach Nursery-B students which is the highest level of Playgroup classes, which means the students are going to graduate and therefore, they need to perform on the stage for their Graduation party. It has been so crazy to stress myself and my mind in creating the movements and thinking about the suitable costume for my students. And guess what! I am a lucky teacher who got 14 students. Such a history in my life. Can you imagine the depression of teaching 14 students how to dance? That is the first reason and the second reason is I have been so busy with my new classes (especially two Early Kids classes) in these two weeks. As you know, kids who just enter school for their first time and is left by their parents in the class with teachers, they will cry, shout, and the most horrible part, somehow they will become wild like bitting and pinching the teachers. But, I understand because kids, they are afraid being left by their parents and they feel like their teachers are strangers so, they will do everything they can to protect themselves.

For my outfit, I came out with graphic tank top (Forever 21) paired with ripped jeans. I am currently obsessed by tomboy outfits. And have you watched the newest step up movie "Step Up All In"? I was not that satisfied with the movie compared with the previous 4 chapters. But, still I was amazed by every single moves that they did and the last part of the movie. The concept of LMNTRIX crew is so great. One thing that I do not like about the movie is why Sean with Andie? They do not match with each other at all. 

Anyway, I am so glad to be here again and I will see you guys in my next post! x

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  1. Wow great look! I also like tomboy outfits, I try to experiment with my style and I constantly change it. Your outfit is very cool, the shoes are perfect!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  2. awesome tee! this tomboy look is so cool! and your shoes are amazing too :D

  3. Cool! Btw let's join my first giveaway, for further info do check my latest post :-)