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Okay, for the opening, I would like to say HAPPY 67th INDEPENDENCE DAY INDONESIA! It's unbelievable that Indonesia has been free from the colonial states for 67 years. So, my family and I went to Pantai Pondok Permai yesterday. The journey usually takes for 2 hours to arrive there but, because we left so early in the morning where there was no traffic jam during the trip, we finally arrived there in 1 hour and 30 minutes. I felt the fresh-air there since it was still so early and there was not too crowded yet. Had a walk at the side of the beach, took pictures, and had much fun.
I was wearing holes white cotton tee and pair it with zebra-printed brown short. I think they are suited enough to pair since the sun was shining too bright yesterday. Besides, my tee is fulled of holes then, I was not sweating yesterday just because of the sunshine.
 Sandals, got it in Bangkok.
 Mustache ring and brown-woody bracelet.
 Lovely family.
Chanel leopard-printed sunglasses | Unbranded holes white-cotton tee | stones hand-made necklace | brown-woody bracelet | mustache ring | Unbranded zebra-printed brown short
 As you can see, the sun was shining too bright that caused my skin looked brighter.
Sunglasses from CHANEL
 Paired these colorful stones necklace with my white tee. The colors of the stones can be seen clearly with the white background.
 Slanted eyes. It's so ashamed, huh?! LOL! Yeah, this is the proof of how strong the shine of the sun was.
Beloved Mom.

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