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holla loves..
it's been a long time I do not post anything on my blog due to my rushing in finishing a project (business plan). one week to go for my final test and I have not studied for anything but, it is fine as long as I got hints for about what to study. what was I talking about? zzzz! forget about it and let's get back to the nature. ok! so, went to UFC (Korean Restaurant) last Sunday with family. it is a new restaurant (I think). I do not really like the restaurant's atmosphere. what I love is about the K-pop Music Video. the owner of the restaurant is a couple of husband-wife. maybe one of them is kind of fanning K-pop, that's why they are so up-to-date for the new Music Video. perfect! I will maybe visit there again next time but, not exactly when. the foods tasted nice and spicy like what I always hear about "Korean people like to eat spicy." so do I. after finishing the dinner, ordered for a piece of rainbow cake. the rainbow cake is just so-so for me. it is just about the mixture of the colors that make it is nice to see. here are some pictures to fill up my post.

that's all for today's post. good night loves XOXO

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