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  What a shitty day of yesterday! Headed to Graha Metropolitan to do photoshoot session with sister. It was my turn to have the shoot first. Well, everything went smooth. Then, when it went to my sister's turn to have some shoots, one of the security who was in charge surrounding Graha, came to us and he was like, "There's no photoshoot here without any permission!" with a very bad intonation and annoying style of talking. What the hell! As I remember, there's no such any rules like that for couple years ago. It's fine! At least, we have some of our pictures with the lake view.
For my look, I wore sparrow black top from Gaudi, again with this taper style of pink trousers as I have ever put them on for my look in my previous post. I love these pink trousers as its color that looks good on my skin and matchs enough with black.
 And for this sun hat with wide borides in navy blue, I got it from my mom. Besides the fact that offers maximum protection against the Sun, this model of hat offers you some elegance and femininity.
 For this ring with two tigers' head, I got it from my store subscriptions.
What do you think about my look?

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Pictures credit by Cinthy Kwok

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