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Yesterday was my special day and my very precious moment in my life. Yes! Though my birthday celebration was just the way too simple but, I really appreciated it and I was too happy for such a great moment that my family gave to me. Family gathering and having dinner together is the best and the most beautiful gift in my life! There is nothing is more worthy than family in this tough life. My birthday celebration was at X.O Suki and Dimsum Sun Plaza. Ohh yeah! Almost forget, I also had Grandma and my Auntie together for my birthday celebration. When my Dad was busy for lighting the candles, one of the waiters was coming towards us and she was like, "Would you like us to play a "Happy Birthday" song for you?", "Sure, it would be nice!", replied my Mom. What a nice from the waiter! Then, we sang the "Happy Birthday" song together, accompanied with the "Happy Birthday" song that was played. Can you imagine how the atmosphere was last night, can't you? After singing the song, continued by cutting the cake. The very first bite went to Mom, someone who has been giving so much cares and loves to me till the today me. The second bite went to Dad, someone who has been working so hard for supporting this family. Dad is just like the foundation for this family as a tree with its roots. Without roots, the tree can't stand for its life. Just the same for this family, without a great  Daddy,  we can't stand still 'til now. Last but not least, went to Grandma, who has been giving a great parents in my life. 
 Do you pay attention what has been written down on the piece of the chocolate that covering the cake? It's "Happy 22nd Birthday Melisa..." I'm actually still 21 based on International calendar because I was born in 1991 but, I'm 22 based on China calendar LOL!
 I wore a Zara shirt for my top with a tunic style on the other side (it's like the Greek style in Kingdom era) matched it with a taper style of pink trousers. I'm so in love with this shirt that  makes me look more girly and makes my skin-color looked brighter.
 I have no idea why the previous picture and this picture have a very different colors. My bad~ :(
 Add it with the colorful triangle stones necklace. Do you notice that the necklace is actually not surrounding my neck but, it is actually pinned on the side of my shirt?
 And the pearl bracelet again. I think that the color of the pearls is just matched enough with the color of my shirt.
I just can't stop wearing these heels and again because of the color is matched with my shirt and my bracelet, don't you think so?

What do you think about my look?

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Pictures credit: Cinthy Kwok

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Tomorrow will be Tuesday! Keep on maintaining your spirit in your work and your study guys! Good Luck and Good Night!!! XOXO

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