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It was Grandma's 78th Birthday yesterday. My family, my Auntie, my Grandma and I, we headed to Cambridge, Black Canyon for celebrating it. This is the first time actually in celebrating Grandma's birthday but, we celebrated it happily. It should be a very precious moment for Grandma. For this special day, I put on sleeveless orange tee, matched it with a high-waist yellow hanging pants and a green belt around my waist. Playing with colors is actually so fun, isn't it? Orange is always suited with green or green with yellow. Though the colors are bright colors but, it looks good in others' eyes. The combination of the colors was too perfect till my Mom told me that everybody surrounding was looking at me. Me, myself, love the combination of the colors too. Seems like I should play with colors again for my next outfit! Just stay tune readers.
 Look! Do you pay attention that something is lost in this picture? Yes! I forgot my belt. How sloppy I am..
 See! The belt that surrounding my waist. Isn't it great to mix up with any kinds of colors in your outfit? And the pearl bracelet, I can't stop myself for looking at it anytime!
 You have ever seen these heels on my previous post. These heels are just so light and comfortable that I can't stop putting it on.

What do you think about my look?

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Thanks to La Maison Patisserie for such a very good-tasted strawberry shortcake!

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