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 Still on Grandma's birthday. I should have posted this few days ago but, I'm recently too exhausted that I need to take a rest at 10 or 10.30 p.m. So, I postpone it to today since today is Saturday which I don't need to teach and stay at home for whole day. Grandma's birthday was celebrated at Good Luck restaurant, located in Cemara Asri. I put on Gaudi pink with black polka dots dress and with a cut on my back. Add it with a black color belt to make it more dramatic. All of my friends who did come to my Grandma's birthday said that I was the way too sexy in wearing this dress. I personally thought like that as well.
In love with my hair-braided so much!
 And these double-rings with a skull and an eye. It's cool, isn't it?
 I don't know whether it is watch or bracelet. LOL!
What do you think about my look?

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Narcissistic! :D

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