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GREEN!!! Ooppss! Neon green I mean.. Kkkkkkkk~ Yes! I always do love green and Mom finally bought me a neon green tee with a moustache mister on it. I do love it so much. Beside, I also got a green rubber watch with moustache on it. Perfect! Since I had a moustache-ring before so, I just did match them all. But, putting on a tee with neon green color, it makes my skin looked darker, doesn't it? No matter what. I really do love green and anything related with moustache is so much popular nowadays. 
 Do you see the perfect match? Exactly! The moustache-ring and the moustache-printed on my tee are just suited really well. You can get the ring here. And the jeans-purse, my favorite purse. Although it is a small purse but, I feel so relax when I bring it along with me. Simple but, sure LOL! Besides, it is matched enough with my jeans-short.
 I have one friend told me that she really liked to see my flat shoes. They are the way too sweet. I can't bear myself for not putting them on.

What do you think about my moustache look?

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