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hey readers!

how was your day? did you have fun on your weekend? hope you had it.. :D feel so tired today.. woke up at 6.30, then left at 9 to accompany my mom go to Carrefour, then went to Kalasan to have our lunch first, continued to Brastagi again, after that, Cambridge and Sun Plaza at last.. it's quite a few days before I planned with workmates to hang out to Sun Plaza.. yeap! together with Ira, Vera, Shierly, Wilia and Billie.. arrived in Sun, I headed to Pieter Lim Saloon to meet Ira.. waited for a while then, met the others two, Shierly and Billie.. after that, headed to Dome Cafe and had our lunch over there (it's second trip for me actually) hahahahaha! tried the Tuna Spaghetti, tasted good.. had our gossiping while waiting for Wilia to come.. took pictures as well.. then, together with Wilia, back again to Pieter Lim Saloon since Shierly, Billie and Wilia wanted to have their haircut.. Ira and I waited outside while waiting for Vera to come.. after quite few minutes, Vera came, not so long, three of them finished their haircut also.. took some pictures again.. hahahahahahha! at last, went to Nelayan to have our dinner after finishing shopping.. back home around 7.. haiizzz!!! it's really a tiring day.. but, had fun also.. :))

okayyyy readers.. it's all for today's post.. good night and byeeee~ *hugs*

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