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hello guys!!! I'm back again and of course with my new story.. hahahaahaha.. but, before going to far, HAPPY CAP GO MEH to all of us which means it's the last day of Chinese New Year.. back to my story, yeap! I went to Maitreya Temple which is located in Cemara Asri with my fam, grandma and auntie.. before going there, we had our dinner in New Island Seafood..

continued to Vihara Maitreya, when I entered, I got a piece of paper and a pen.. what it's for actually? yeah! it's for wishing.. I wrote my wishes on the paper and what did I write? sssttttt!!!! it's a big secret.. hehehehehee.. finished my writing, I asked my sister to hang it as high as she could on a sakura tree so, nobody will be able to read for my wishes when they are surrounding there.. hahahaahahhahaa!!

 luckily what I wrote is not be able to read from the picture :D

 I think that's all for today and HAPPY CAP GO MEH yea all.. wish you guys have a great cap go meh with your fam and good night~ *bighug*

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