by - 11:28 PM

hey there! how was your day?
so sleepy, can't open my eyes widely.. woke up at 8 this morning because of the lateness to sleep last night.. had some breads as my breakfast, had shower and prepared everything before going to college.. left around 9.05, driver drove very fast that it only took 30 minutes to arrive in college.. but, since the driver is really good in driving, nothing to worry about hahahahahaha! had a boring lecture but, got a star for answering the lecturer's question.. yeahhh!!! continued to IEC to teach as usual, felt so sleepy that I didn't even have spirit to teach my students beside, it was raining.. went back home at 5.30 but, before going to the car, I have seen my car right after I have checked out from IEC.. when I passed by, met my driver, he asked whether I was going to drive or not.. then, I replied by waving my hand which means 'no'.. how stupid I am that I didn't even realize that my driver was actually standing beside my car when he asked me that question.. I really kept walking toward the car that I have seen before.. when I was about to reach the car, I just realized it's not my car actually.. Oh My Gosh! how can there were two cars with the same color?! at last, turned back and ran toward my car.. entering the car, my sister laughed on me.. I directly blamed on my driver that why he didn't call me when he saw me kept walking.. hahahaha! hey! it's late now.. have to hit my bed.. byeeee~

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