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holla~!!! woohoooo!! this is February now since the last time I posted in my blog.. time really flies so fast.. ok! stop for the bla..bla..bla... hahahahahahha~ well, on Sunday (actually it's been last week) fhiiuuwww~ my family, my auntie and I went to Sun Plaza around 10 in the morning and we had our lunch in Pizza Hut (again..) =.=" hahahahaha.. and yeah! it was still so early when we arrived there.. as usual, after we had ordered for the foods and while we were waiting, we took some pictures (my sister and I were being narsis) :D finishing our foods, we continued going to Teddy Cafe to try the foods over there since it's a new cafe in Sun Plaza.. as what I had predicted before, the cafe was full of persons and we had to wait for a while to have seats.. long story short, we got our seats and the foods tasted good enough.. hhmmm~ after that, my mom, she was going to meet her friends, my auntie, she was going to find my youngest sister and brother while my sister and I were going to wait for Vera a.k.a Sebeng and Chris (my two bestties) because we were about to continue to K2.. and yeah, it's a long time for me to wait for Sebeng.. long story short again, we continued to K2 and we had so much fun over there by singing some of our favourites K-pop songs since four of us are the fans of K-pop.. hahahahahahahaha!!! we shouted as hell in the karaoke room and yeah, we took some pictures also.. it's a MUST.. :D :D :D

 Chris' style.. WOW!

 Thanks to Sebeng and Chris for the fun :D

enough for today post and I'm going to sleep.. byeee~~

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