by - 10:27 PM

hollaaaaa :) quite a day I can say.. my family, my grandma and I went to Sun yesterday around 6.45 p.m. to have our dinner.. arrived there, headed to XO Suki since daddy wanted to have sang wo for dinner.. quite long time we waited there because it was so crowded and I met Delvin and Felisca over there, cute and sweet students who ever studied in IEC.. they were so cute!!! I planned to take pictures with them but, I didn't do it and now I feel so regret.. back to our waiting time, finally, we got our seat.. finished our dinner, we were going around Sun for a while since mommy wanted to buy some stuffs.. then, went back home around 10..

 with lovely Grandma :)

done for today's post.. gonna back to routine activities tomorrow.. kind of lazy.. fhiiuuuwwww~ ok guys.. good night and sweet dream.. byeee~

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