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hollaaaaa readers!!!!!

today is tiring day.. woke up at 8.30 in the morning actually, was still so sleepy.. but, then forced myself to get up from my lovely bed.. washed my sleepy face, brushed teeth and had breakfast as usual.. then, continued to sweep the floor.. finished sweeping the floor, had shower.. left around 12 in the afternoon to pick up my brother.. became a driver for today.. nobody sat beside me when I drove.. Oh my gosh!!! picking my brother up, headed to have our lunch then went to IEC at last for joining JUST KIDS.. actually, there are some reasons beyond joining this kind of activity as I never want to join before.. firstly, I got announcement that one of my Early Kids students, Cedric Wirawan, the cutest and the most handsome one in my class, he joined so, can be concluded that I joined this activity for my beloved student actually.. hahahahahaha! second, this time, the JUST KIDS' destination is Gramedia, which is placed in Hotel Santika, the new building in front of Palladium, as I'm also wondering for the place because I have never been there so, I just decided to join.. third, it was actually the choice from the staff in my workplace.. she chose among the teachers.. last but not least, I got payment for joining JUST KIDS though the payment is not much..

back to IEC, I was the first teacher who arrived there since, it has been announced that teachers and students should gather up at 1.30 in the afternoon.. then, continued by Wilia, Angeline, Susan, Shierly and Merda.. students came one by one with their parents.. we, teachers, were asked to prepare for the students' bags which the students' name have been stated on, bread, mineral water, and the name badge which the students had to put it on.. gathered up with our students in one classroom.. Oh my God! today's weather was too hot.. my students were all sweating.. how pity they are! suffering for the hot weather.. we left at 2 and got into the bus group by group which in one group consisted of 2 teachers and 10 students.. did warming-up during the journey.. arrived there, asked the students to hold their friend's hand so, they wouldn't get lost.. Michelle was the one who led the for the warming-up over there and she did the story telling.. after that, took picture with students then, entered Gramedia to buy books for students.. each of the students got their each budget, 15,000 rupiahs per student.. it was really confusing me when I was about to choose book that suitable for my students.. at last, Ms. Nisma helped me to find.. thanks Miss..

long story short, finished turning around the Gramedia and paid, went back to IEC around 4.45.. before that, did pictures taking with my beloved son, Cedric Wirawan.. luckily, he was in my group.. I was so happy, can't describe it into words.. ahahahaha.. hey! it's 00.00.. good night and see you.. byeee~

 Cedric was busy looking at somebody else :P

 finally, looked at the camera :D

Cedric and his second sister, Celine Wirawan.. love his face expression over here *eyelashes*

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