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went to college as usual today, nothing special.. my friend let me tasted her home-made chocolate, it was yummy but, I didn't dare to ask more.. hahahahahahaha! continued by going to IEC, a school where I used to teach kids.. quite nice because I got a white-chocolate from my friend, Devi, she greet me with Happy Valentine Day as well and thanks sis..

it was still around 12.20 when I arrived so, some of my workmates (Shierly, Cynthami, Ira, Susan, Vera, Veronicca, Cassandra, Billie) and I ended up by going to Cemara, exactly Dekko to have our lunch first.. chit-chatting during the lunch, finished our lunch, we went back to IEC and we did picture-taking before the class by request --> Shierly.. hahahahahha! since we put on pink and red shirt (a MUST from IEC).. how pity I am.. got nothing from students on Valentine Day but, at least, I got something from IEC and all of the teachers got it as well.. envy to my sister, Cinthy, she got so many gifts from her school-mates.. but, it's okay.. there will be a miracle someday as I believe that life is always a big surprise..

 sorry Vero, I uploaded the picture :P

the gift from IEC

okay.. that's all for today post.. wish you guys had a great Valentine with your beloved one and good night.. *hugs*

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